22. Januar 2020

NMS Grammar Lesson

These are examples of the sentences and texts that pupils of the Neue Mittelschule classes  4a, 4b and 4c produced in the creative workshops in December 2019. These workshops were run by Sandra and Andrew (‘Sandrew’) Milne-Skinner, together with class teacher Silvia.


(hypothetical conditions: if  & past tense, followed by conditional present tense)

If kindness were a star, I would look out for the stars every night. (Lena)
If friendship were a tree, I would really care for it. (Patrizia)
If friendship were a tree, I would give it a big hug. (Sophie)
If friendship were a teddy-bear, I would hug it a lot. (Anisja)
If friendship were a flower, I’d give it water every day. (Simon)
If happiness were a sweet, I would share it with my friends. (Sina)
If I were a Super-Woman, I would make sure that there’s no third World War. (Sophia)
If I were a tree, I would give people oxygen (H20) to live. (Max)
If I were a dog, I would catch squirrels all day long. (Lucas)
If I were to win the lottery, I would have my grandma’s house renovated. (Jacqueline)

SEEKING EXPERIENCE (present perfect tense)

I’ve never done bungee-jumping, and never done sky-diving, but I’ve always wanted to. (Noah)

CONTRASTING  BAD PAST HABITS, WITH PRESENT IMPROVEMENT! (used to ….. & present simple tense)

I used to be stingy with my property and money, but now I am much more generous. (Hannah)
I used to be self-centred, but now I love to share and I’m open to the world. (Leonie)
I used to be a fussy eater, but now I really like all kinds of food. (Lorenz)

ANSWERING A QUESTION (with poetic imagination!)

Could you tell me the way to the rainbow? First, you have to find one in the sky, then go straight on, next you have to stop at the 10th kilometre, then turn right and put on your special suit. Finally, you can see a big chest (of gold…?) in front of you. That’s the way to the rainbow. (Felix & Lorenz)

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