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Diethard Gstir presenting his magnificent 1933 Volvo Limousine

Diethard GSTIR (photograph taken by Andrew Milne-Skinner)
Lesedauer ca. 3 Minuten

The word ‘oldtimer’ in English refers to a man in his late 60s, 70s, 80, or even 90s! The German word ‘Oldtimer’ is usually translated as ‘classic car’.

In the first of a new series, Andrew Milne-Skinner meets Diethard Gstir. He owns a 1933 Volvo Limousine.

Andrew: How long have you had the car?

Diethard: Well, first we bought a 1936 Volvo, to restore it completely. Then we saw the 1933 Limousine. I’ve had it for five years now.


Andrew: And where did you find it?

Diethard: In Southern Sweden, near Helsingborg. We brought it to Inzing on a trailer!

Andrew: Did it need much work?

Diethard: Not really. We replaced all fluids, then did the brakes to make sure the car was roadworthy. We checked the ignition system, and cleaned the fuel and carburettor system. We then adjusted the valves.

Andrew: Tell us about the car itself.

Diethard: The 1933 Volvo is a luxury 6-cylinder model, named ’PV 654’ … meaning ‘Personal Vehicle’, with 6 cylinders, 5 seats and the 4th model in the series. It has 65 brake horse power from a 3266 cc engine, with a top speed of 87 km p h. The car was originally in a private museum, because the owner had died, and the two sons then sold me the two Volvos. The car is largely original, and I want to keep it that way.

Andrew: Diethard, you are one of the earliest members of the Inzing Oltimer Club…..

Diethard: …. Yes, it pleases me that the founder-members and committee members are ‘youngtimers’ on the classic car scene, and certainly not ‘oldtimers’!  The Club is well networked and connected with the Inzing community. It offers ‘Stammtische’, while some members have given talks on their respective models at their homes or garages. For example:  on MG-B, Volvo, VW ‘Bulli’, and Jaguar Mark II. The highlight each year has been the Spring Meeting at the Inzing Swimming Pool parking areas … with music, tasty food and good company, where everyone felt socially integrated in the family-like atmosphere.

 Andrew: Diethard, you have been one of the two announcers welcoming the participants and their vehicles….

Diethard: Yes, the number of vehicles on show has increased from around 100 to over 400….a clear sign that the Club is very much ‘alive and kicking’. ‘Oldtimers’ presented have ranged from children’s scooters, bicycles, motor-bikes, and tractors to saloon and sports cars, trucks and 4-wheel vehicles, including even fire-brigade and military ones.

Andrew: Very many thanks, Diethard, for this interview, in your wonderful garden.

Please note: No. 2 in this series will feature a 1956 Citroën Traction-Avant, currently being restored in Inzing.

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Andrew and Sandra were both born in Scotland and both studied at the University of St Andrews, although they didn’t know each other then. Andrew is an English teaching professional with 40 years’ experience at school and University level. He has held seminars all over Europe and is still active in professional development for teachers and in related publishing. Andrew moved to Inzing from Innsbruck in 1998. He has worked in Austria for most of his working life. He is a great reader and has an impressive library. His other interests include classic cars and football. Sandra had a varied career as a manager in public services in the UK, finally specializing in Customer Service. She spent the last part of her working life as a freelance management consultant. She is also qualified to teach English and is a member of the Institute of Customer Service (UK). Her hobbies include gardening, hillwalking and cycling. She and Andrew married in August 2006 and Sandra moved to Inzing in 2011 when they built their house in Brechtenweg. Andrew and Sandra are members of the Inzing Freundeskreis für Integration and help to run a fortnightly Sprachcafé for newcomers. Andrew was a contributor to the Radio Enterbach project in 2009 and Andrew and Sandra now make two programmes for Freirad, Poetry Café and reading Circle (both in English). They are keen to ensure that the Dorfzeitung remains a meaningful and useful publication which offers something to everyone who lives in the village.

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  1. What a beauty, this Volvo! At one of the Spring Meetings I had the opportunity of taking a seat inside this vehicle and I can vouchsafe that it really feels like a lounge, so roomy and comfortable, and it even has a small vase in a holder so you never have to go without floral decoration.

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